Please keep politics out of the Lodge!

Political attire is not permitted in the Lodge (Hats, shirts, etc.).

Remember the Obligation you took when becoming an Elk which states in part:

I will never introduce into the Order, anything of a political or sectarian character, nor in any way by my conduct, bring reproach upon it”.

The Lodge is not trying to change anyone’s political views, please do not impose yours on other members while in the Lodge. Let’s all show respect to each other.


September 9th Message from the Exalted Ruler

The following will take effect immediately.

Revised September Calendar

Greetings All,

At the House Committee/Trustee meeting held on September 8th, many items were discussed and debated. I feel the results will benefit the Lodge and the membership.

I will go through the items to bring you up to date:

Contact Tracing Log: All must sign-in on the Contact Tracing Log when entering the Lodge. Print your name and membership number. This is for your protection.

Masks and Social Distancing: Masks must be worn correctly to enter the Lodge and while moving about in the Lodge without exception.

Bar: The Bar will re-open Sundays. The scheduled Sunday hours will be 10 am – 7 pm, or later at the discretion of the Bartender.

The scheduled Bar hours Monday through Saturday will be 10 am – 9 pm, or later at the discretion of the Bartender.

Kitchen: The Kitchen dining hours will remain the same except Friday  & Saturday dinner hours will return to 4 pm – 8 pm.

Pasta Night: Monday Night Pasta will resume. Food will be served by paid staff to your table. This is a Health Department mandate due to the pandemic.

Queen of Hearts: The Queen of Hearts drawing will not re-open at this time.

Monday Night Dancers: Per the Arizona Liquor License Board mandates, “dancing is not allowed at this time”. 

Entertainment: No entertainment will be available at this time. When the Arizona Liquor License Board eases its restrictions, our entertainment will resume.

Pie Sales: The Elkettes Pie Sales will resume Friday night, September 11th. The Elkettes staff will follow strict sanitation guidelines during pie sales. 

NFL Package: The NFL package will resume. THERE WILL BE NO OUTSIDE FOOD BROUGHT INTO THE LODGE! This is a Health Department mandate due to the pandemic.

Clubs: Clubs, with the exception of Monday Night Dancers, will be allowed to meet following strict distancing and furniture guidelines being observed.

Card Playing: Card playing will resume with strict social distancing and furniture guidelines being observed. THERE WILL BE NO OUTSIDE FOOD BROUGHT INTO THE LODGE!  This is a Health Department mandate due to the pandemic.

Defibrillator:  Per a Grand Lodge mandate, the Lodge will purchase a Defibrillator Kit. Officers, Staff, and interested members will be trained in its use. More information to follow on this item.

As you can see it was a packed meeting agenda that covered most of your questions and concerns. We have tried to open the Lodge as much as possible while practicing the guidelines mandated by the State and various government agencies. We look forward to getting back to normal ASAP.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the Lodge.

Stay well and safe.

Bill Horton, Exalted Ruler

“Together we will get things done”

Check back on this site for further updates!


4 thoughts on “WELCOME TO OUR LODGE!”

  1. What type of AED is being purchased. Brand, adult or adult/pediatric. I have been an EMT or higher for 44 years and have taught EMT, CPR and First Aid classes for 43 years. I retired after 28 years with LHCFD. I could help teach AED class and I have two AED trainers.

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