Welcome to our Lodge, We’re glad you are here!

Unfortunately due to a COVID outbreak, our Lodge will be closed through December 26th, reopening on Sunday, December 27th. We encourage anyone who visited the lodge from Sunday, November 29th through December 2nd to self-quarantine and get a COVID test if you desire.

The Annual Elks Memorial Service has been postponed until Sunday, December 27th at 11 am.

~All events & meetings through the 26th are canceled~ 

The Officers and Staff of Lake Havasu City Elks Lodge #2399 wish everyone a safe & healthy Christmas. We look forward to seeing you when the Lodge reopens.

Check back on this site for further updates!


10 thoughts on “WELCOME TO OUR LODGE!”

  1. Mohave Community College has free COVID testing. Go to their website and look up COVID
    testing. The paper work can be done on your computer and an appointment can be made
    at that time. Test takes less than 10 minutes and is done in your car.
    We got results in 3 days.

  2. I came in on the morning of the 30th to see the cashier for tickets to the Vagabonds Christmas party. I went directly to the cashiers office. I was there very shortly. Someone did come up and stand next to me. I don’t know who or why. I had my mask on. I am concerned because I am 76 years old. I need to know if anyone was in there at the time I came in that has tested positive. Do I need to worry? Where can I get a Covid test?

  3. Thanks for the information, we are all concerned about this evil virus. Keeping the lodge safe is the best move, hopefully 2021 will be much better. Thank you for all you do,

    1. They are refunding tickets for the Elkettes Christmas Party through the office. If it is the Vagabonds Christmas Party. you can hold on to your tickets and they are scheduling a party at a later date.

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