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Membership Renewals 

Membership dues can be mailed, call the office by phone, or stop by the office and pay in person. Please include your renewal letter mailed to you. If you do not have that letter, include a note with your current address, phone number, and membership number from last year’s membership card.
Annual dues are $105.50 and include a membership card, door key card, and a spouse I.D. card. If you would like a door key card for your spouse that is an additional $2.00.
If you would like to donate to any of our programs (Elks National Foundation, Building Fund, Scholarship Fund, etc.) please include that in your letter.
The office will mail your new card or if you request, you can stop by the office and pick it up.
Please make your check payable to B.P.O.E 2399 and mail  to:
B.P.O.E #2399, 3532 McCulloch Blvd North, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406

Transferring or Reinstating Membership

We welcome transfers and reinstatements! Please stop by the office and complete a transfer or reinstatement application (Mandatory). All transfer/reinstatement requests must have a local mailing address. There is a $50.00 fee for each transfer/reinstatement. Please understand that each transfer/reinstatement takes some time to complete as the office has to contact your current or prior lodge which may not be open every day. Per Grand Lodge Statutes, transfer applications then have to be proposed in a lodge meeting and then balloted at the following first meeting of the month. You can then pick up your new membership card or have the office mail it to you. Thanks!