Lodge Expansion Project

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Grand Lodge Approves Lodge Expansion Project!

Click here for the Approval Letter

This month, Lake Havasu City Elks Lodge 2399 received the building permit from Grand Lodge authorizing the lodge to move forward with the construction of our 5,000-square-foot building addition. Our members can expect to see regular updates on the progress and costs/expenditures of the project. These updates will be posted at the lodge, sent in lodge emails, and posted on our lodge website and newsletter.

As stated in the Open House and Lodge Meetings, this project will require a loan to fund most of the project. Members wishing to donate to reduce the loan amount will be greatly appreciated. Many members have donated already, and we Thank You!

Please contact the lodge office at (928) 453-3557 if you wish to donate. Click on the link below for additional information:

Lodge Expansion Capital Campaign

Lodge Expansion Open House Event Recap:

****This project was approved by the lodge membership at the March 7, 2023 lodge meeting****

The Planning Committee of Elks Lodge #2399 hosted an Open House on December 11, 2022, to give members the opportunity to view the drawings and ask questions. Thanks to the Trustees, PERS, and Committee members who attended to support the Open House.
Plan & Elevation Drawings are posted in the front dining room by the walk-in cooler.
The Long-Range Planning Committee has been working diligently to provide a plan for the Expansion of our Lodge. We currently have 4167 members and 66 new applications for admission. We are the largest Elks Lodge in AZ and the 4th largest in the nation. To meet the needs of our members and in order to maintain growth and expand the good works of our Order we must provide the space needed for the operation of our Lodge.
The committee which is comprised of members that are knowledgeable in the Construction field has worked with local Architect Paul Lehr to provide a solution for expanding the Lodge.
This Master Plan will be a three-phase expansion starting with the addition of 5,000 sq ft addition of our Social Quarters. This space will be used to provide additional dining space for the restaurant, a meeting space for committees, clubs, and fundraisers, and host events, and other social functions. The goal of the Master Plan – three-phase expansion is to allow the Lodge to remain operational through the process and continue to support the needs of our members. Phase two will be the kitchen expansion and the third is the bar reconfiguration and upgrade.
Gabriele Medley – Planning Committee Chair-Trustee
Committee Members:
ER Paulette Nainteau, PER Bill Horton, Trustee Tom Bradley,
Steve Scarpella, Tom Duff, Cynthia Willson, Tom Bennett, Art Palm, and PER Gary Parsons.